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Welcome to Agroforestal

A journey of sustainability

Starting in 1999 we began the development of three distinct hardwood timber plantations, focusing on a variety of tree species indigenous to Central America. We worked toward building the vision of Clément-Marie Ponçon; that of offering high quality wood products to the marketplace with a fully sustainable supply chain. The Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) Certification process reinforced our commitment in AgroForestal and all of our Poncon Group operations

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Our story

Pioneering Agroforestry in Nicaragua

The Poncon Family Group was started in 1978 by French Agronomist Clément-Marie Ponçon. He came to Nicaragua in 1974 on assignment by the French government in the Nicaraguan Central Bank to provide advice on developing & managing agricultural programs for the country. As an entrepreneur, Clément started his first coffee plantation in 1978 and in the early 90s became the largest single coffee producer under Agroforestry systems in Nicaragua.

Today, the Family group is lead by the second generation and continues it´s leadership role in the development of inclusive and fully integrated agroforestry models.



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Our products and solutions

More than 20 years of experience

Over the past 20 years Agroforestal and it’s related companies have been involved in the design and manufacturing of a large variety of wood products ranging from dried lumber, furniture, prefabricated housing solutions and multiple decor product. Today, our products and services are the result of distilling the best design and engineering experiences that provide customers wih quality products as well as an optimum use of our resources.

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Round Logs

Mainly offered to local and regional manufacturers with their own milling capacity, our FSC Certified logs from non-traditional tropical species are rare in the region.
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Sawn Wood

Tailored to our customers needs, our sawnwood products are directed to small and medium manufacturers looking for long term working relationships. As manufacturers ourselves, we have develloped unique sawnwood kits to facilitate the testing of our species.
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Treated Wood

With our canadian partner, Boralife, we are proud to offer our customers the most innovating and sustainable wood treatment solution on the market.
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Housing Solutions

In order to provide our customers with a variety of design and pricing options, we have developed 5 different lines of housing products. These are the result of 20 years of experience.

Our Plantations

Developing sustainable agroforestry models and contributing to biodiversity

Located in diverse geographical regions of Nicaragua, our farms provide ideal climate conditions for different and diverse species, contributing to biodiversity and the development of diversified agroforestry models.

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La Cumplida
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Located in the mountains of Matagalpa, La Cumplida has an area of 1,596 hectares of which 593 hectares areas are destined to Tropical timber plantations. Other activities at the La Cumplida farm include growing coffee for international market and helping small producer devellop sustainable agroforestry models within the region.
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San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Located on the pacific coast of Nicaragua, Ecoforestal has a total area of 1574 hectares, of which of which 1188 hectares are forest plantations, of which 864 are destined to wood product manufacturing and the remaining 324 are an addition to our private forest reserves. In addition, the property is also home to the well-acclaimed Morgan’s Rock ecolodge. (www.morgansrock.com).
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El Eden
Nagarote, Nicaragua
Located in Nagarote, a low land on the pacific side of Nicaragua, El Eden has a total area of 293 hectares, 232 hectares are destined to forest plantations and 60 are private natural forest conservation areas.
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The first FSC certified plantation in Nicaragua
FSC Certified since 2004, Agroforestal was a pioneer in the establishment of FSC certified plantations in Nicaragua. Agroforestal possesses both FM and CoC FSC certification.
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Wood species

Indigenous Wood Species

Agroforestal has a diverse range of tropical timber species. Which species are grown on our different farms is depending on soil and climate conditions, as well as the results of our 20 years of in the field experience. Please find out more about our species on the sections below.

Agroforestal S.A.

Pioneering Agroforestry in Nicaragua